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Celebrating Scientific Achievement: BZKF Publication Award Recognizes joint Pioneering Study

By 13. September 2023September 26th, 2023News

We are delighted to share that our collaborative publication, “A New Printable Alginate/Hyaluronic Acid/Gelatin Hydrogel Suitable for Biofabrication of In Vitro and In Vivo Metastatic Melanoma Models,” led by project C03, has received the esteemed BZKF Publication Award. 🎉

This significant research, accessible at DOI: 10.1002/adfm.202107993, introduces a promising printable hydrogel with potential applications in creating melanoma models for in vitro and in vivo experiments. The study’s success owes much to the dedication and expertise of numerous co-authors from both Erlangen and Würzburg, who are part of the SFB/TRR 225.

Rafael SchmidSonja K. SchmidtRainer DetschHannes HorderTorsten BlunkStefan SchrüferDirk W. SchubertLena FischerIngo ThievessenStefanie Heltmann-MeyerDominik SteinerDominik SchneidereitOliver FriedrichAnika GrüneboomHanna AmoueiHarald WajantRaymund E. HorchAnja K. BosserhoffAndreas ArkudasAnnika Kengelbach-Weigand

Congratulations to our co-recipients, Annika Kengelbach-Weigand and Rafael Schmid, for their valuable contributions to this success.

Annika Kengelbach-Weigand and Rafael Schmid were invited to the award ceremony during the 3rd BZKF Network Meeting on 13.09.2023 in Munich.

This recognition motivates us to continue pursuing excellence in melanoma research. Together, we celebrate this achievement and the strides it brings to our collective scientific efforts. 🏆 #BZKFAward #ResearchExcellence

For more information about the BZKF Publication Award, refer to the official flyer here.