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Celebrating Nathaly’s Achievement and Her Pioneering Work in Vascular Bioprinting

By 18. September 2023September 21st, 2023News

In the world of science, achievements often speak for themselves, and Nathaly Chicaiza-Cabezas is no exception. She recently earned recognition by winning the first presentation prize at the DGBM conference in Jena. This acknowledgment is well-deserved, reflecting her dedication and the quality of her work. Beyond this accomplishment, Nathaly is contributing significantly to the field of vascular bioprinting.

Nathaly’s Success at DGBM Conference

The DGBM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biomaterialien) Conference is a respected platform for scientific exchange. Nathaly’s presentation, focusing on 3D bioprinting of vasculature through induced vasculogenesis, stood out and earned her the first presentation prize. Her ability to effectively communicate complex concepts underscores her expertise and commitment.

Project B04: 3D Printing of Vascular Structures

Nathaly is a Ph.D. student at SFB/TRR 225, where she works on “3D Printing of Vascular Structures from Vascular Wall-Resident Stem Cells.” Her project’s objective is to create artificial vascular structures mimicking native blood vessels. She achieves this by utilizing vascular wall-resident stem cells (VW-SCs) and employing advanced bioprinting techniques.

Guided by Experts

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Groll and Prof. Dr. Süleyman Ergün provide Nathaly with invaluable guidance in her research. Their mentorship aids her in navigating the complexities of biofabrication and regenerative medicine.

Connect with Nathaly Chicaiza-Cabezas

To learn more about Nathaly’s work or to connect with her, you can reach out via email at

Nathaly Chicaiza-Cabezas represents the impressive research conducted at the University Hospital Würzburg, Abteilung für Funktionswerkstoffe der Medizin und der Zahlheilkunde. Her work not only earned her a prestigious prize but also holds the potential to reshape regenerative medicine and 3D bioprinting. We eagerly anticipate the impactful results that Nathaly’s research will bring to the field.