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acatech Appoints 22 New Scientific Members, Including Jürgen Groll

By 13. October 2023October 20th, 2023News

Munich, January 12, 2023 – The German Academy of Science and Engineering, acatech, is pleased to introduce its 22 newly appointed scientific members, among whom is Jürgen Groll, the SFB/TRR 225 Speaker. These experts have accepted the role as members of acatech, an honorary position, to provide their scientific knowledge and insights to advise on various technology, policy, and societal matters.

The selection of these 10 female and 12 male scientists is a recognition of their exceptional contributions to research and their strong reputation in their respective fields. Their areas of expertise cover a wide range of disciplines, including quantum research, engineering, and the fundamental questions of technology sciences. This diverse knowledge will strengthen acatech’s ability to offer comprehensive guidance on matters related to innovation.

Jan Wörner, President of acatech, warmly welcomes the new academy members and expresses gratitude for their acceptance. “The unanimous vote from our assembly underscores the caliber these scientists bring to our mission of providing evidence-based advice to shape policies and societies. The challenges in research and innovation continue to grow, and I am deeply thankful to both the new and already active members for their dedicated engagement in acatech.”

Notably, the inclusion of our SFB/TRR 225 spokesperson Jürgen Groll as an Ordinary Member in the German Academy of Science and Engineering reflects his outstanding contributions to the field. He is a professor at the University of Würzburg, holding the Chair for Functional Materials in Medicine and Dentistry. His research focuses on areas such as biofabrication, regenerative materials, and polymeric biomaterials.

An achievement worth noting is the remarkable gender diversity among the new acatech members, with over 45 percent being women. This surpasses acatech’s goal outlined in its gender equality action plan, which aimed for a minimum of 30 percent female representation in the nominations for new acatech members.

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