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Biomaterials Research Collaboration Presented at 7th Euro BioMAT 2023 Conference

By 4. May 2023News

At the 7th Euro BioMAT 2023 conference in Weimar, Germany, the Boccaccini Lab at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Dr. Sahar Salehi-Müller from the University of Bayreuth had the opportunity to meet. They discussed the progress of their collaboration on biofabrication and composite hydrogels within the framework of the SFB/TRR225 project B03. The conference provided a platform for them to present their research and to discuss the recent scientific progress and new challenges in the field of biomaterials.

Dr. Sahar Salehi-Müller expressed her pleasure at participating in BioMAT 2023 and presenting their research alongside Aldo Boccaccini and team.

The Euro BioMAT Symposia, organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V. (DGM), aim to bring together scientists and professionals from various fields to discuss the development, characterization, evaluation, and regulation, application, testing, and modeling of biomaterials. The 7th Euro BioMAT 2023 provided a platform for researchers to share their latest findings and to discuss the novel trends in biomaterials and closely related areas such as biomimetics, biomineralization, and biopolymers.

Overall, the conference served as a great opportunity for Aldo Boccaccini and Sahar Salehi-Müller to discuss the progress of their collaboration on the SFB/TRR225 project B03 and to present their findings to a wider audience.