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The University of Bayreuth offers the first Biofabrication MOOC on edX

By 21. June 2021News

University of Bayreuth, Media Release No 057/2021 May 6th 2021

The University of Bayreuth is adding the concept of “biofabrication” to the international higher education platform edX by providing the first Biofabrication MOOC, “Biomaterials and Biofabrication: Design, Engineering and Innovation.” The course teaches cutting-edge topics with over 15 expert-interviews, biannual live sessions with course coordinator, Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel, and an interactive storyline that offers innovative tools and key knowledge benefiting both those with and without experience in the field. People who are interested in expanding their knowledge about biomaterials, biomedical engineering, additive manufacturing, tissue engineering, and in obtaining insights on the future of biofabrication can already enrol in the course free of charge.  

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Different materials and processing techniques have been revolutionizing the field of medicine. From artificial hips that keep people mobile, to wound dressings that can eliminate the need for a skin graft, the field of biomaterials and biomedical engineering has shifted its emphasis away from simply the length of a lifetime to quality of life itself. Seeking to completely heal wounds and cure diseases, innovative research in biomedical engineering has drifted towards smart drugs, smart materials, tissue engineering, and biofabrication.

The“Biomaterials and Biofabrication: Design, Engineering and Innovation” MOOC leads along a storyline about Emma and Paul, two fictional characters, as they explore the world of biomedical engineering. The interactive videos reinforce all concepts taught with entertaining scenarios, examples, an accompanying textbook, and in-video quizzes. Course participants have the opportunity to learn from international experts in the field, who present highly engaging, application-oriented content that will sharpen their theoretical and practical skills.

 Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel is the Coordinator of the Biofabrication-MOOC. © UBT/MOOC

Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel, Chair of Biomaterials and the Biofabrication MOOC lecturer, states, “MOOCs are an excellent possibility to reach a broader audience in order to provide insights into the interdisciplinary topic of biofabrication. With our MOOC we would like to attract your attention to this topic and show you how research on biofabrication is internationally networked.” This MOOC will benefit individuals working in the biomaterials as well as the biomedical sector to discover emerging trends, and to achieve the next step in their career. Enrollment:

About MOOCS and edX:

Founded by Havard University and MIT, the platform offers more than 3,000 MOOCs to more than 34 million learners from around the world. Find us on edX under BayreuthX. A MOOC is an educational resource available worldwide and free of charge, which includes interactive elements, e.g. forum discussions, video conferences, and video with interlaced feedback. These online courses are excellent learning tools that help learners gain knowledge and skills for different purposes: exam preparation, university preparation, academic development, career enhancement, career change, corporate training, personal learning, and more.

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