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B08 | Time-resolved biophotonics approach cellular signaling, cell-matrix interactions and matrix remodeling mechanisms in biofabricated constructs

In this optical engineering and bioprocess engineering project we aim to develop new systems to study in situ maturation and regulation of cell-matrix junctions of biofabricated constructs over long time periods. To this end, (i) we will advance high resolution/depth penetrating multiphoton- and light sheet technology towards a 2-photon single plane illumination microscopy (2P-SPIM), and (ii) design and engineer precision positioned mobile mini-bioreactors. We will validate these systems for selected bioconstructs within the consortium regarding (iii) visualization of 3D spatial patterning of focal adhesion proteins between cell and matrix as well as matrix production during long-term maturation of constructs.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Beilhack
Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Friedrich 

Dominik Schneidereit

Previous academic education: Master of Science
Academic Advisor within SFB TRR225: Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Friedrich
Location: FAU-Erlangen, Institute of Medical Biotechnology
Topic: Neuartige optomechatronische Kombinationstechnologien im Cardio-muskulären Umfeld für Medizin und Lebenswissenschaften
Main techniques and methodologies to be used: Multi photon light sheet microscopy, Optics simulation, 3D CAD and CAM, FFF printing


Dr. Zeinab Mokhtari

Previous academic education: Postdoctoral Fellow
Academic Advisor within SFB TRR225: Prof. Dr. Andreas Beilhack
Location: University Hospital of Würzburg, Department of Medicine II
Topic: Time-resolved biophotonics approach for cellular signaling, cell-matrix interactions and matrix remodeling mechanisms in biofabricated constructs
Main techniques and methodologies to be used: Light sheet fluorescence microscopy, Two-photon microscopy, multiphoton light sheet fluorescence microscopy



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  • Bioreaktor zur 3D-Geweberegeneration von Skelettmuskulatur (‚Tissue Regenerator‘), inventors: Oliver Friedrich (B08, Z02) Paul Ritter, Michael Haug, application number DE 10 2021 211 875, applicant FAU.