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Front Cover in Advanced Healthcare Materials 19/21 for Natascha Schäfer an co-workers

By 27. October 2021News

In article number 2100830, Natascha Schaefer and co-workers show an immunocytochemical z-stack of a two week old three dimensional primary spinal cord composit. Proteins marked are VGAT (cyan),
GlyR (magenta), and Nuclei (DAPI). The MEW-scaffold shows an autofluorescence in the DAPI-channel.

Fischhaber N, Faber J, Bakirci E, Dalton PD, Budday S, Villmann C, Schaefer N, Spinal Cord Neuronal Network Formation in a 3D Printed Reinforced Matrix-A Model System to Study Disease Mechanisms, Adv Healthc Mater doi:10.1002/adhm.202100830  (2021) e2100830. (B01, Z01)