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04.10.-06.10.23 SFB/TRR 225 Retreat 2023: Fostering Collaboration and Skill Development

By 20. October 2023Events

In early October 2023, the SFB/TRR 225 consortium convened for its 2nd retreat 2023 at the Franken-Akademie in Lichtenfels. The event was marked by its focus on collaboration and skill development.

The retreat took place at the tranquil Franken-Akademie in Lichtenfels. The natural beauty and modern facilities of this venue created the ideal atmosphere for our three-day retreat. Attendees found solace in the scenic surroundings while engaging in intensive discussions and workshops.

Day 1: The retreat began with Mentor Talks, where valuable insights were shared. New members and PhD students introduced themselves, and the day concluded with a productive Board Meeting.

Day 2: This day was centered on Project Presentations, allowing for an in-depth exploration of our research. Administrative and scientific discussions offered valuable insights. The day ended on a social note, promoting connections on a personal level.

Day 3: The final day featured another Board Meeting, additional Project Presentations, the election of new Junior PI Representatives, and the reception of mid-term evaluation information.

A highlight of the retreat was the three-day workshop on “Presentation Skills for Scientists.” This workshop was designed to improve public-speaking skills, a crucial asset for scientists. The workshop included on-site sessions, presentations with video recording, and personalized coaching and feedback.

PhD students and Postdocs actively prepared for the retreat by introducing themselves using PowerPoint templates, submitting progress reports every six months, and delivering concise oral progress talks. The emphasis on presentations aimed to enhance the communication skills vital for scientists.

The 2nd SFB/TRR 225 retreat in 2023 was more than just a gathering; it was a reflection of our dedication to scientific excellence, collaboration, and individual growth. The connections established and insights gained during this event will propel our project towards new research horizons.

The 2nd SFB/TRR 225 retreat in 2023 was a resounding success, showcasing the collective strength and dedication of our research community. We are enthusiastic about the future and the discoveries that await us, driven by our collaborative spirit and improved presentation skills.