B04 | 3D printing of vascular structures from vascular wall-resident stem cells

Aim of this project is the biofabrication of artificial vascular structures with correct hierarchical organization and wall morphology consisting of intima, media and adventitia. This shall be reached by the exploitation of the cellular plasticity of vascular wall-resident stem cells (VW-SCs). These cells have been shown to possess the necessary cellular plasticity to deliver such structures. By the printing of VW-SC loaded bioinks into self-healing support gels, the use of vessel wall specific matrix components and perfusion of the structures, we aim on a medium to long term to biofabricate complex and hierarchically organized vascular structures.

Prof. Dr. Süleyman Ergün
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Groll


Ruben Gerrit Scheuring

Previous academic education: 03/2012 – 09/2015 Bachelor’s program “Molecular Biology”, Paris Lodron University Salzburg, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria; 09/2015 – 09/2017 Master’s program “Tissue Engineering and Regenerative  Medicine” Technikum Wien, Austria
Academic Advisor within SFB/TRR 225: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Groll
Location: University Hospital Würzburg, Abteilung für Funktionswerkstoffe der Medizin und der Zahlheilkunde
Topic of thesis: 3D Printing of Vascular Structures from Vascular Wall-Resident Stem Cells
Main techniques and methodologies to be used: Bioprinting via freeform reversible embedding, establishment of coaxial 3D bioprinting, optimization of bioinks, rheology, development of a perfusion bioreactor for tissue maturation, stem cell isolation, expansion and differentiation, cell culture, viability and functionality assays, molecular biological investigations, microscopy (light, laser, confocal and electron), in vivo tests (CAM-assay)

Contact: ruben.scheuring@fmz.uni-wuerzburg.de

Leyla Doğan

Previous academic education:
Ege University, İzmir, TR; Post Doc. Faculty of Science, Department of Biochemistry, Project Topic: Enhancement of Gene Transfection Efficiency by Functionalization of Quantum Dot-Plasmid DNA Conjugate with YopM Protein
Izmir Institute of Technology, İzmir, TR; PhD. Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Thesis topic: Synthesis and Control of Exciton Dynamics in CdTe, CdTe/CdS and ZnxCd1xTe Colloidal Nanocrystals
Izmir Institute of Technology, İzmir, TR; MSc. Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Thesis topic: Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal (Mn and V) Oxides Containing Phosphates
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TR; Bachelor of Science, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry
Academic Advisor within SFB/TRR 225: Prof. Süleyman Ergün
Location: University Hospital Würzburg, Institut für Anatomie und Zellbiologie
Topic: Post-Doc Researcher, project is related with Bioprinting of blood vessels using the stem cells, particularly vascular wall-resident stem cells (VW-SCs).
Main techniques and methodologies to be used: 3D bioprinting Techniques- Imaging Techniques, Material building, molecular imaging, Cell differentiation, Cell culture…

Contact: leyla.dogan@uni-wuerzburg.de