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Z01 | Central Tasks

The subproject “central tasks” (management) plans and coordinates the research programmes of the individual subprojects and their publications, processes the administrative tasks of the SFB, in particular the cooperation with the German Research Foundation (DFG), and is responsible for the external representation of the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB).

Key task of subproject Z01 is monitoring the compliance with the agreed budgets of individual subprojects within the SFB/TRR 225 with the help of suitable controlling instruments. Other tasks include:

General administration
Overview of the overall finances of the SFB, issue of reports on the expenditure of funds, recruitment and dismissal of staff, accounting for the different subprojects, ordering procedures, filing, inventory, general correspondence, establishment and maintenance of a World Wide Web server for the international presentation of the SFB via electronic media and easier exchange of information within the SFB.

Administrative coordination of research within the subprojects
Administrative coordination of research activities, preparation of regular progress reports, implementation and update of project management, participation in working group meetings, organization and implementation of regular meetings according to the arrangements the SFB, in particular the board committee meetings, coordination and compilation of research reports including all duties involved in the publication of the reports and research proposals, administrative coordination of symposiums, conferences and seminars.

General public relations
Established as press office of the SFB, assistance in organizing and hosting of events for the presentation of the SFB to the general public, presentation of the SFB at meetings etc.


Dr. Alice Rein
Eva Hilpert