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SFB/TRR 225 Seminar Series by Gabriela Graziani Eng., PhD – 09th May 2022 – 4.15 pm

By 2. Mai 2022Veranstaltungen

SFB/TRR 225 „From the fundamentals of biofabrication towards functional tissue models” Seminar Series 2022


Biomimetic 3D models of bone for orthopaedic oncology: a combination of 3D printing, 3D bioprinting and nanostructured materials


Gabriela Graziani Eng., PhD


Biomedical Sciences and Technologies and nanobiotechnologies

Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute, Bologna, Italy

09th May 2022 – 4.15 pm

University of Würzburg, Röntgenring 11, Hörsaal A222, 2nd floor


Gabriela Graziani Eng., PhD

Clinical and/or Scientific interests

  • Biomimetic coatings for bone regeneration based on calcium phosphates (including ion-substituted CaPs) and bioglass;
  • Metal- and ceramic-based antibacterial coatings for biomedical applications;
  • 3D printed patient-specific prostheses/biomedical devices having antibacterial and/or pro-osseointegrative capabilities;
  • Development of biomaterials from biogenic sources (bone, seashells);
  • Development of advanced bone models for in vitro tests;
  • Materials characterization, including nanomaterials and interfaces