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3.-7. Februar 2019, 9th Australien Colloid & Interface Symposium (ACIS), Hobart, Tasmania, Australien

By 3. Februar 2019Februar 13th, 2019Veranstaltungen

Der SFB/TRR 225 wird auf dem “9th Australien Colloid & Interface Symposium (ACIS), Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia”  vom 3. bis 7. February 2019 and auf dem “Workshop on Targeting Tissue, Melbourne, Australia” vom 31 Januar bis 1. Februar 2019 mit Vorträgen, Postern und Flyern präsent sein.

ACIS 2019 provides a key opportunity for colloid, surface and interface scientists worldwide to share their findings, network, and discuss advancements in their fields of research.

There are a great many disciplines covered by colloid, surface and interface science.  Attendees will include scientists from all disciplines, early career researchers, industry representatives and end users interested in new developments across a range of technologies.

Prof. Dr. Scheibel, Thomas: Wednesday, 6.2.2019 – 10.20 Uhr – Ballroom3 OC080 Drug delivery vehicles based on engineered spider silk protein

Prof. Dr. Lang, Gregor: Wednesday, 6.2.2019 – 9.20 Uhr – Ballroom1 OC069 Bio-selective bacteriostatic and fungistatic surfaces made of recombinant spider silk proteins

Dr. Sahar Salehi: Monday, 4.2.2019 – 16.40 Uhr – Ballroom2 OC024 Composite ink development from bio-ceramic nanoparticles for bone tissue regeneration

Trossmann, Vanessa (PhD): Thursday, 7.2.2019 – 9.40 Uhr – Ballroom1 C102 Recombinant spider silk proteins for cardiac tissue engineering

Sonnleitner, David (PhD): Thursday, 7.2.2019 – 11.50 Uhr – Ballroom1 OC112 Poly-ε-caprolactone (PCL) particle – hydrogel colloid system for enhanced cell interaction