C02 | Biofabrication of a 3D model for the functional investigation of the stromal parameters on the behavior of breast cancer cells

Project C02 aims at the biofabrication of a complex tumor-stroma model to specifically study the behavior of breast cancer cells as a function of stromal parameters. To achieve this goal, innovative 3D printing technologies will be applied to combine breast cancer and stromal cells in bioink matrices with independently controllable physicochemical features. This modular approach allows us to recapitulate relevant aspects of the tumor microenvironment and to gain important mechanistic insights into how tumor-stroma interactions contribute to tumorigenesis.

Prof. Dr. Ben Fabry
Prof. Dr. Torsten Blunk

Nadine Endrizzi (Grummel)

Previous academic education: M.Sc. Cell- and Molecularbiology
Academic Advisor within SFB TRR225: Prof. Dr. Ben Fabry
Location: University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Department for Biophysics
Topic of thesis: Biofabrication of a 3D model for functional analysis of stromal determinants on breast cancer cells‘ behavior
Main techniques and methodologies to be used: Cell culture, confocal microscopy

Contact: nadine.endrizzi@fau.de

Hannes Horder

Previous academic education: Molecular Biotechnology (M. Sc., Goethe-University Frankfurt), Applied Bio-, Pharma- and Medical Sciences (B. Sc., University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern)
Academic Advisor within SFB TRR225: Prof. Dr. Torsten Blunk
Location: University Hospital Würzburg, Department of Trauma, Hand, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Topic of thesis: Biofabrication of a 3D Model for the Functional Investigation of the Impact of Stromal Determinants on the Behavior of Breast Cancer Cells
Main techniques and methodologies to be used: 2D/3D Cell Culture, Histology, Immunohistochemistry, Microscopy, quantitative DNA- and ECM-Assays, FACS, 3D Bioprinting

Contact: Horder_H@ukw.de

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