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07.11.2018 “3D Printing with Silk Protein”

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Speaker: Prof. David Kaplan, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University Medford, MA
Date: 7th November 2018 – 5 p.m. s.t.
Location Würzburg: University of Würzburg, Pleicherwall 2, Röntgenring, Seminar room 2.322 Dental Clinic
Location Erlangen: University of Erlangen, Ulrich-Schalk-Str. 3, Room-Nr. 00.125
Location Bayreuth: to be determined
Host: PD Dr. Tessa Lühmann, Chair for Drug Formulation and Delivery, University of Würzburg

10.12.2018 “Biopolymer-based platforms tailored towards biofabrication”

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Speaker: Prof. Sandra Van Vlierberghe, Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, Ghent University, Belgium
Date: 10th Dezember 2018, 4.30 pm
Location Erlangen: University of Erlangen, Ulrich-Schalk-Straße 3, Seminar Room, Building II, Institute of Biomaterials
Location Bayreuth: University of Bayreuth, Seminarraum 108/FAN D (Raum-Nr. D.0.09)
Location Würzburg: University of Würzburg / Pleicherwall 2, Röntgenring,  Konferenzraum 1.503 Dental Clinic
Host: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Aldo R. Boccaccini (Institute of Biomaterials, University of Erlangen)


16.07.2018 “Solid lipid nanoparticles to improve curcumin bioavailability”

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Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Waree Tiyaboonchai, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand
Location: Universität Bayreuth, Universitätsstraße 30, NW3/Seminarraum S 135
Time: Monday, 16 Juli 2018, 17.00 Uhr s.t.
Host: Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel (Lehrstuhl Biomaterialien, Universität Bayreuth)

09.07.2018 “Biomaterials and biofabrication for soft tissue engineering”

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Speaker: AProf. Dr. Andrea J. O’Connor, Associate Professor and Deputy Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Particulate Fluids Processing Centre, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Date: 9. 7. 2018, 5.00 pm s.t.
Location Bayreuth: Universität Bayreuth / Universitätsstraße im Hörsaal H30/FAN-B
Location Würzburg: Universität Würzburg / Pleicherwall 2, Röntgenring,  Seminarraum 2.322 Dental Clinic,
Location Erlangen: Universität Erlangen, Ulrich-Schalk-Straße 3, SemR-USS/Raum Nr. 00.125
Host: Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel (Lehrstuhl Biomaterialien, Universität Bayreuth)